Advanced Dental Technology

Digital X-rays

We are proud to feature the latest technology at Fields Family Dentistry. High-tech digital x-rays allow us to provide better patient care as well as increasing safety for our patients.


Panorex is our panoramic radiograph system, a technical name for an x-ray machine that moves in a circle around your head. This system gives us a complete, in-depth view of your mouth and jaw. The procedure is completely painless and only takes a few seconds.

Our system uses much less radiation than traditional dental x-rays, enhancing patient safety. It is a valuable tool for our dentists with many uses. They can use Panorex images to judge bone loss, look for dental infections, check for oral cancer, and much more.

Cone Beam CT

Our cone beam CT produces a three-dimensional image of your face, showing not only your teeth and bones but also soft tissue like blood vessels and nerves. These images are invaluable for planning dental implant placement and other surgeries. While our dental cone beam CT functions similarly to CT scanners in hospitals, it uses less radiation than medical CTs.

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