Professional Dental Cleanings

Preventive Dentistry in Mechanicsburg, PA

No matter how diligent you are with your daily dental care, it is simply impossible to clean every groove and space of your teeth. Home care is certainly crucial, but it is no substitute for your twice yearly dental cleaning from Fields Family Dentistry.

A professional dental cleaning goes where a toothbrush and dental floss cannot, taking care of the areas around your gums, far in the back of your mouth, and more. We always make certain to get your mouth fully sanitized and free of bacteria.

But there is another reason for your regular cleanings at Fields Family Dentistry. These cleanings provide an opportunity for your dentists to check your mouth thoroughly, searching for problems or potential issues. These examinations permit us to get ahead of trouble before it becomes painful and costly.

Be sure to schedule your dental visit every six months. Call us now at (717) 697-3400.