Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement in Mechanicsburg, PA

If you are suffering from missing teeth, you may think your only options are a bridge or dentures. This is not the case any longer. Now, patients who are missing any number of teeth can have dental implants from Fields Family Dentistry.

A dental implant is a “screw” surgically inserted into the bone of your jaw. This positioning makes for an amazingly secure arrangement, especially once the implant has time to integrate into the adjacent bone. After a few months, your Fields Family Dentistry dentist will add a natural-appearing crown to the top of your implant.

Dental implants provide many benefits. Most patients are good candidates, and those who are not may undergo bone grafting. Implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Finally, implants are permanent, stable, secure, and will allow you to live life exactly as if you had a full set of natural teeth.

The first step to receiving dental implants is a thorough consultation. You can reach us at (717) 697-3400 to schedule your appointment now.