Occlusal Guards

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding in Mechanicsburg, PA

Clenching, grinding, and gnashing of teeth during sleep is an incredibly common problem. Known as bruxism, this unconscious habit can be caused by stress or sleep issues. Of course, bruxism can cause wear or cracking of your teeth, particularly your molars, but there is another consequence of untreated nocturnal teeth grinding.

Bruxism can lead to issues with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), better known as your jaw. You may put many pounds of pressure on your jaw during sleep, and this pressure often results in jaw soreness, degeneration of your TMJ, and even locking of your jaw.

A custom-made occlusal guard from Fields Family Dentistry is an excellent preventative measure for the effects of bruxism. These guards appear similar to an athletic mouth guard, but are fabricated for your unique oral anatomy. Simply pop it in before bed to guard against damage from nighttime teeth grinding.

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